Hemet Hypnotherapy and Peg Randles have changed my
life for the better.  I have been smoke free for over a year
and a half. This is great. Smoking was a huge part of my
life.  I smoked at work, in the car, and at home. Most of
my friends smoked. So even though I wanted to stop, I
was up against some serious barriers.

i am pleased to say, even though it took more than one
session for me, I became a "success story".  
When I chose to deal with  some other issues in my life, I
returned to peg and Hemet Hypnotherapy.  Again I
consider myself a success story on these other issues.

Many thanks to Peg Randles.  And I wish anyone reading
this success in their endeavors.

I met Peg Randles just a few short months ago, but the
difference in my daily life is nothing short of remarkable.

I had been struggling with weight loss, mild depression,
and with feeling like I could not progress- mentally
shadowboxing myself,  feeling helpless and frustrated
despite all of my accomplishments in life. Even though I
had gathered a great deal of practical knowledge about
"spirituality" "personal growth" or whatever you want to
call it, I seemed completely unable to apply this
knowledge to my own situation. I found myself slowly
but surely losing my self esteem and confidence, getting
unhappier by the day.

Then, one morning as I walked the neighborhood, I saw
the sign from across the street for Hemet Hypnotherapy.
Although I had considered it before but never been
hypnotized, I felt strongly that help awaited me there. I
went home and made an appointment, and I'm so
grateful that I did! Peg has a warm and empathic
personality, and put me at ease very quickly.

Hypnotherapy has helped me let go of all of the "things"
that were holding me back- without having to relive the
past to do so. I had so much pain and frustration locked
inside me it took some time just to let things work their
way through me, but by my third visit I was truly a
different person.  With her guidance and plenty of follow
up work of my own, Peg has helped me to remember my
best self, and begin to live with appreciation for each day
and each opportunity life presents. I cannot state enough
how much of a difference it's made!

Several months down the road, my friends and family
have all commented on how much happier and satisfied
with my life I am, and I've even lost weight without
trying very hard! My deepest thanks and highest
recommendation to Peg and hypnotherapy.
If you feel like nothing's working for you, this truly can
help you get out of your own way!

Sincerely and with Deepest Gratitude,

Hemet Hypnotherapy is the place to go, to really change
your life.
I was facing fear which prevented me from doing
everyday things.
Also wondered why I would sabotage myself from being
Well, through Pegs hypnotherapy I discovered what the
causes were and i worked through it. Now, I feel
unstoppable. I can't thank Peg enough for what she has
done for me, that I could not do for 46 years...

Thanks so much Peg....

My name is Janine. To understand what hypnosis did for
me, I first need to explain
I was a smoker for 20 years. I had tried to quit, like
almost every smoker, several times. I tried every method
you hear about. Nothing worked.  Every attempt was
miserable, hard and ultimately unsuccessful.  Cigarettes
had a hold on me.  I couldn't imagine life without
smoking.  I was smoking 1 pack a day. I was beginning to
wheeze, it was time to quit!

Several people I knew of had success with Hypnosis.
Now, I must admit, I had my doubts that hypnosis would
work for me, but was very willing to give this a try and
be open to suggestion. (I made an appointment date that
I'll never forget, my Birthday!)

Peg was very welcoming and friendly. She talked to me
about my smoking life, my history of smoking, the
triggers, habits etc, for about 2 hours.  At the end, she
hypnotized me, reinforcing everything we had just talked
about. I left her office and really didn't think about
having a cigarette. I didn't realize it, but I was already a


You have to know that within the first 24hrs of being
hypnotized I was exposed to almost every smoking
trigger that I could possibly have and yet, I DIDN'T
WANT TO SMOKE. I didn't even have the worry, need,
to replace smoking with something else.  You smokers
know the triggers and how hard they are to get past.  
Well, I had NO problem getting through. And to this day,
when the trigger happens, yes I sometimes think about a
cigarette for a second, but just as quickly, the urge passes

I know it seems too good to be true, too easy. But for me,
my family and my friends that have witnessed my
unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking, and the control it
had over my life, this is nothing short of a miracle! It's

If you are ready to quit smoking, I highly recommend

"I felt that I could have done it on my own, but I had
trouble applying myself.  With the help of Peg and
hypnosis, it was so unbelievably easier.  I was amazed at
the results.  She made a believer out of me.  Now I know
that I can accomplish anything."

-Eddie M.